Offshore Survey Operation Support Services

Survey Operation Support Services are often engaged by oil & gas operators/contractors to protect survey vessels and equipment during operations. We work for a wide range of projects and clients, including major international seismic and installation companies. We offer a complete suite of pre-survey scouting services to seismic/survey companies prior to survey operation, which includes providing assistance and expertise for pre-survey scouting planning, assessment of the survey area, fishing grounds and shipping lanes. Our team of experienced and professional chase vessel coordinators are available to assist and ensure every phase of the survey runs smoothly and without disruption.

Project Management & Consultancy

From Survey award to survey acquisition, the planning requirements are critical. We offer the extensive knowledge to prepare and manage all needs to ensure a smooth acquisition phase, which includes:

Provision of Support Vessels
AN NUR Group utilises owned and operated vessels, maintained to global Oil & Gas and Governmental standards. Combined with experienced and well-trained crews this ensures a smooth offshore operation.
Provision of Chase Vessel Coordinator (CVC)
AN NUR Integrated Survey provides support and expertise for survey planning, the procurement and coordination of chase vessels. We also provide an assessment of the survey area, proximity to land, fishing grounds and shipping lanes. Our ever-expanding team of experienced and professional chase vessel coordinators are available to assist and ensure every phase of the survey runs smoothly.

The onboard CVC’s key duties include:

• Monitoring and reporting of HSE activities onboard the Chase Vessel.
• Coordination of all support vessels utilised on project.
• Prepare a scouting plan, ensure all lines are scouted and information logged.
• Monitoring and ensuring crew watch keeping for FAD and fishing activity to ensure continuous acquisition of the seismic vessel and zero down time due to fishing hazards.
• Supervise FAD tagging and retrieval operations (all work deck operations)
• Responsible for logging and reporting any FAD’s found on survey area. Log includes position, depth, time, characteristics of the FAD, owner’s markings and contact details. Photograph always taken.
• In constant communication with the seismic vessel team, alerting them if fishing vessels with nets deployed are creating a hazard
• Operational planning
• Supervising port calls and making sure the vessels depart on time back to sea.

Provision of Translator/Interpreter
When a pilot comes onto a multi-language, multi-cultural bridge, the commands generally are given in English. Normally an Interpreter/Translator is not needed on any offshore operation since English is the common language used but when involve with a local fishing boats it make the Translator/Interpreter a part of the offshore operation as it needs to provide information about the work operation by sending a flyer or communication by radio to the local fishermen. Socializing with any fishing vessels in the prospect, giving fliers and information of the survey, as well as preparation of flyer information in multiple languages to ensure all in area of operation get the message.

Professional Manpower Supply

Apart from CVC and Translator, we supply experienced field personnel across multiple disciplines and work scopes for the oil and gas industry. With many years industry experience in their respective areas, our highly qualified specialists uphold the highest industry standards to achieve best practice outcomes. Key positions that we have experienced, and qualified consultants engaged in for both short and long-term assignments;

• Seismic Acquisition, Navigation & Survey QC’s
• Helicopter Landing Officers (HLO) - the safety of all personnel traveling to a ship or offshore location is in the hands of these specialists, whilst moving to and from the helicopter.
• Fisheries Liaison Officers (FLO) - liaise between fishing vessels and Clients, using local knowledge and fisheries experience to encourage co-operation and help ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently.
• Marine Mammal Observers (MMO) - conduct the necessary observations before and during offshore activities and are essential during seismic surveys and pipeline installation works to reduce the risk of injury and disturbance to marine mammals. The role of the MMO is also to advise vessel crews of the requirements for mitigation, and to liaise closely with the Client to ensure that relevant guidelines are correctly adhered to.

All field personnel hold current medical certificates and possess OPITO accredited offshore training certification.